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"Being unsuccessful does not make a claimant bogus. If someone is unsuccessful in an insurance claim, does that mean he or she is an insurance fraudster?"

Right, so how do I email the internet to the printer?

I don’t know if everyone is aware, but the Law Society of Upper Canada disabled a very useful feature of their website this year. In previous years, LSUC maintained a listing of all accredited Continuing Professional Development [CPD] programs on their site. For some reason, they decided to stop doing that this year.

Now, in order to find CPD programming, one has to manually search through the various providers like LSUC, OBA, CBA, etc. This is very time consuming and much more difficult to coordinate. Last year, I had a convenient calendar of almost all available programming in one place. This year, I’ve resorted to Googling “LSUC accredited CPD”, which is significantly less efficient.

While some large firms are able to coordinate all of these requirements in-house, small practices and solos are left scrounging around. This is particularly challenging for those in a niche field like immigration.

If you’re a lawyer in Ontario, please take a moment to contact the CPD department at LSUC and ask them to restore this function. They can be reached on Twitter at @LSUCCPD, on Facebook, by email at cpd@lsuc.on.ca, and online at http://ecom.lsuc.on.ca/cpd.

Canada is not being “overwhelmed” by refugee claims

Even when they’re doing the right thing, #cdnmincin has to cheap out and require private sponsorship.

After having a website that was under construction for 3 years, I’m making a fresh start. Until I get everything organized, I’m posting my office information.

Tel: 519.916.5265 
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Skype: jcurrie84 
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374 Ouellette Ave
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I was working with a client trying to setup a new cloud account.

Client: I don’t understand why we are setting up the Google. I just want to access my files.

Me: Well, a Google Drive account will allow you to access your files.

Client: But I don’t understand how the Google works!


Law students are usually the most savvy